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The essence lies within unleashing the power of your narrative with a visionary so compelling it leaves an everlasting mark on all who embrace it. Let us be the fuel that propels your story, igniting your audience and catalyzing the flame that sets your narrative ablaze.

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From local start-ups to global titans like Nike, our expansive clientele showcases our potent aptitude in meeting a spectrum of needs. Our team doesn't just set the bar; we define the pinnacle of excellence in video production. So, whether you are a neighborhood business seeking a gripping promotional video or an international giant aspiring to craft a cinematic masterpiece, Dumbrod Media stands poised and unwavering to elevate your visual narrative to unprecedented heights. 

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Shawna Tibbitts

CEO | Chief Executive Officer

A bastion of rebellion, Shawna Tibbitts stands as a formidable force of revolution and a catalyst for societal transformation. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur, having business in commercial real estate, dentistry and the cutting edge media establishment DUMBROD Media, but most importantly she is an advocate for peace, equality, and community. Alongside her diverse ventures she seamlessly integrates her innovative spirit with profound dedication to creativity, particularly in her adeptness at leveraging the power of the written word in numerous capacities to pave the way to help build a brighter more harmonious future. Beyond business she is an avid pickleball player and community leader, where she finds joy in the sport's fast paced nature and draws inspiration from the diversity and camaraderie within its community.